ERROYL - Successfully funded on Kickstarter

Today we have concluded our crowd funding campaign on for our first collection of automatic watches. 

Thank you to all of you who have ordered our automatic watches on Kickstarter over the last month.  We expect to be sending out your orders in late January 2015.

The last month on Kickstarter has seen us generate AUD $40,972 in sales from our E30 Heritage Rose, E30 Heritage Black and E30 Heritage White watches.  Our Heritage Collection watches will soon be shipped to over 19 countries. 

We are now commencing sales via our website and will offer the E30 Heritage Black and E30 Heritage White for AUD $329.00 each until 14 January 2015.  The rose gold plated E30 Heritage Rose will be also be available for pre-order for AUD $339.00 as well until 14 January 2015. 

From 15 January 2015, the E30 Heritage White and E30 Heritage Black will retail for AUD $389.00 and the E30 Heritage Rose for AUD $399.00.

All pricing is fully inclusive of domestic and international shipping.  All timepieces will be sent by Australia Post within Australia and by DHL for our international orders.

Shipment of our Heritage Collection for our backers on Kickstarter and purchases via our website is expected to commence in late January.