Does ERROYL ship internationally?

Yes, ERROYL ships worldwide.  For further information on our shipping arrangements please refer to our shipping and delivery page.

Can I place an order over the phone?

No, all orders should be placed through the ERROYL website as this is the most secure means to submit your payment.  

How can I pay for my order?

ERROYL accept payment through PayPal utilising VISA, MasterCard, American Express and any other form of accepted PayPal payment method.

ERROYL also accept payment by Visa or Mastercard through our payment gateway, eWay. eWAY is Australia’s No. 1 payment gateway and trusted by over 26,000 businesses.

When will my credit card be charged for my purchase?

Orders via credit card will only be processed after the order and payment details are reviewed by ERROYL.

Please note this is not an automated process and customers may receive an initial email on submission of the order from our payment gateway, eWay, to confirm they have 'authorised' the transaction and a second email thereafter to confirm that the funds have been 'approved'. This second email is confirmation that ERROYL has reviewed your order and captured funds. This process will generally occur within 24 hours of submission of your order.

It is important to note that ERROYL does not process payment until we have reviewed each order. This includes checking that all details are correct and validating the legitimacy of the order. This can take up to 24 hours, depending on when the order is placed, or longer if placed over a weekend/public holiday period.

Following this process, your credit card will only be charged once your timepiece is ready for shipping, unless an order has been placed for a product on pre-order.

For details on the pre-order process, including billing, please refer to the Pre-order Policy page.

What if I would like to change or cancel my order?

You're able to change your order at any step prior to submitting your order to ERROYL by modifying your shopping cart. An order is unable to be changed or cancelled via our website once it has been submitted.

To cancel your order, if it has not been shipped, please contact us and advise us that you wish to cancel your order in the subject field and provide information for your decision to cancel your order in the message. We will endeavour to action your request promptly.

Please note that if you cancel your order once it has shipped, but prior to receiving your order, you may be responsible for any charges incurred by ERROYL in shipping your order, e.g. we may refund the amount less the actual shipping cost incurred by ERROYL.  

Is the shopping process secure?

ERROYL take great care to ensure your credit card information is safe and secure when placing an order online. ERROYL utilise eWay as our credit card payment gateway provider.  eWAY is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is a set of rules created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to create an international standard code.

Payments are verified by GeoTrust, Inc.

The ERROYL website is also encrypted (https) using an SSL certificate from GlobalSign.


ERROYL take fraud prevention very seriously and review each order prior to processing payment. In limited circumstances, this may require ERROYL to contact you to verify your payment details or confirm certain details pertaining to your order prior to processing. If ERROYL are unable to confirm that you are the legitimate credit card holder or legitimately placed an order ERROYL will not process your transaction. 

Our request for information from you may include, but is not limited to:

  • seeking information on your credit card institution; and
  • confirming the name on the credit card and your recorded address. 

Failure to provide the information requested within 48 hours will result in your order being cancelled. Please note ERROYL will only capture funds when ERROYL has confirmed the order is legitimate.  

If you are submitting a fraudulent order we may report you to authorities for further investigation. This will include providing all the details you have provided in submitting an order, including your delivery address and contact details.


What is the warranty on an ERROYL watch?

Your ERROYL watch is available with a two (2) year manufacturer’s warranty. Each watch includes a warranty card providing details of what is covered under the warranty. Further details can also be found by referring to the warranty page on the ERROYL website.

After you have purchased your watch, ERROYL recommend you validate your warranty by completing details of your purchase on the register your timepiece page.

What is the accuracy of my ERROYL watch?

The accuracy of your ERROYL watch can depend on the movement used and your habits. Automatic watches can react more sensitively to temperature fluctuations and climatic variations; as such, an automatic watch does not run as precisely as a quartz watch. The average precision tolerance is between -10/+40 seconds per day though it is often much more accurate.

What is an automatic watch?

All ERROYL watches are automatic. An automatic self-winding watch is powered by kinetic energy created by your movement, not by a battery in the case of a quartz watch. An automatic watch, once fully wound, will usually run for approximately 40 hours or so without activity.

What is the difference between a manual and self-winding (automatic) watch?

A manual wound movement must be wound by hand regularly, while a self-winding (automatic) watch is wound by the kinetic energy created by the movement of the wearer. An automatic watch can also be manually wound.

What is a triple date complication?

A triple date complication is a watch that displays the day, date and month. In the case of the Regent Collection, the day and month are displayed via a sub dial and the date via a window at the six o'clock marker.  

What is a chronograph?

A chronograph is a watch with stopwatch functionality. This additional mechanism is used to measure and record time. By clicking on the push buttons, the hand of the chronograph (seconds, minutes and hours) you can start, stop or reset it. A chronograph can often have additional functions that can differ from one chronograph to another, e.g. tachymeter, pulsometer etc.

How frequently should I service my ERROYL watch?

Your ERROYL watch is a precision instrument, as such this should be serviced to ensure it continues to work perfectly. It is difficult to indicate the interval for servicing as it can vary depending upon the movement, climate and the amount of use of your watch. As a general rule we consider it good to have your watch serviced approximately every 4 years although this can also be dependent upon the frequency of use.

What is the lifetime of my leather strap?

The lifetime of your leather strap is typically anywhere from 6 to 18 months, though this can vary depending on usage and natural wear and tear. Please note that leather straps are more acutely affected by climatic conditions, daily exposure to sweat as well as bacteria and dirt. As such it is wise to take hygienic issues into consideration when considering the timing of replacing your leather strap, as such we recommend you change your strap at least every 12-18 months.

How do watches define water resistance?

The water resistance rating of an ERROYL watch provides general guidance only on the types of activities and exposure to water that your watch is able to endure. As a general rule, temperature fluctuations, exposure to solvents, dust and shock can affect how your watch copes with exposure to water. Also, over time, the water resistance rating of your watch may diminish. This is because the seals that protect your watch can be affected by wear and tear and age.

As such, we suggest that before engaging in activities that could expose your watch to stress, e.g. swimming, surfing, diving etc that you consider if your watch is suitable for the conditions first.

Please note that while your watch may be suitable for water activities your strap may not be suitable. As a rule, your watch should not be operated under water. Before exposing your watch to water you should ensure that all moving parts, e.g. crown are in the rest position (screwed in firmly). At the end of any water related activities, e.g. diving, swimming etc your watch should be rinsed with fresh water and dried properly.

Where you intend to utilise your watch for water activities such as snorkelling, diving or surfing we suggest you consider testing the water resistance regularly.

Our minimum water resistance recommendations are as follows:

  • splashing 3ATM (30 meters)
  • water surface activities 5ATM (50 meters)
  • swimming/snorkelling 10ATM (100 meters)
  • diving 20ATM+ (200+ meters)